It’s Time to Face Reality

*This is a very long read. If you make it through, thank you!*

I have a news flash for anyone that has yet to realize: the majority of the American government and the American media doesn’t care about you. I don’t necessarily see how anyone could truly believe they do.

As much as I enjoy politics, I see exactly what it is. It is a GAME. Politicians simply play this game. I trust no politician fully and I’d advise others not to, as well. Media hosts, pundits and journalists play this game, too. There’s no escaping it. Today I saw another play in this game, Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe disparaging the attacks on our country by the TRUE insurrectionists. The legitimate communists burning down our cities… And even small towns like Kenosha, Wisconsin.

He references, flippantly, a “taco stand” being burned down and compared it to the Capitol “insurrection”, essentially saying the taco stand doesn’t matter compared to that. How could anyone be so fucking ignorant? Does he really believe that only a few taco stands were affected here? Nearly 2000 police officers were injured, many were assaulted, over 30 died, (many of them Black Americans, mind you), the billions of dollars in damage, and unbelievable amounts of businesses were either burned down or horrifically attacked.

However I’m sure he has the disgusting “whatever, insurance will pay for it” attitude that BLM spread across the internet. I’m sure he’s so disconnected with the American people that he doesn’t understand that these businesses will probably go under thanks to the amount of damage they have to pay for in the end. He doesn’t even care. And who was getting the most donations? BLM and other “racial equality” groups.

Doesn’t everyone see what’s happening? We have violent communists, whom demand America and the American values, the American CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, to be burned to the ground, literally burning it to the ground. They’ve been attacking our country for almost a YEAR. They shout “DEATH TO AMERICA!” and burn our flag in the street. They have free speech, they can say and do these things if they please, but aren’t these statements incitement to insurrection? How does burning or attacking federal and state buildings, not count as insurrection? Remember when Donald Trump offered and sent help, and they called him a dictator? A man sending his STORM TROOPERS to steal our country, according to Pelosi? Portland was absolutely destroyed by these riots that STILL CONTINUE. Oh, and what about CHAZ in Seattle?

Doesnt the rhetoric of ANTIFA and BLM clearly incite others to join them in their fight to destroy our country and our liberties? How do America loving people, whom spread the values of America, suddenly all become a group of democracy (ugh) destroying, violent maniacs because of that riot? Even if they weren’t there? According to the rules of our constitution, the left’s behavior is absolutely consistent with insurrection. If we’re going to say Donald Trump incited violence, then how have THESE THUGS and the democrats not done the same, or worse?

They are trying to destroy liberty. We must acknowledge this. We ALL need to acknowledge this.

Joe, a disgusting pig of a human being that left his wife for a woman that left her husband so they could have a love affair on television, decided to disparage hard working small business owners and what they went through, and continue to go through, during the riots. Joe sat there and said the Capitol was more important, as it’s the “center of our democracy”.

I’d like to ask Joe, and anyone with this opinion, why the Capitol and the people there are more important than WE THE PEOPLE? Why does it only matter when it happens to them? Does he not understand that small business owners and hard working Americans, whom have lost everything to this communist infiltration, SUPPORTED BY DEMOCRATS LIKE KAMALA HARRIS, matter just as much as the Capitol? Is the Capitol a kingdom of the elite? Yes it is, and his statement proves it. Rioters were even bailed out at the word and encouragement of Kamala.

I’ve been saying since the riot in DC that they don’t care about us, they only care about themselves. Nancy Pelosi has turned the Capitol into a personal fortress, using the National Guard as a personal security force at the expense of these WORTHLESS AMERICANS (according to Morning Joe) almost half a billion dollars. They’ve even discussed keeping up the fences permanently. Do these people that are now paying for, despite everything they’ve lost, not matter to them? That’s exactly right. We. Don’t. Matter. To. Them. They will sit there in their ivory towers of the Capitol or their studios and talk down to, or disparage, the American people. They will even brand more than half of this country, conservatives or libertarians, violent psychos because of that riot but say nothing about the communist BLM or ANTIFA. They even have the gaul to say ANTIFA doesn’t even exist.

Oh and don’t forget how ANTIFA/BLM terrorized restaurant goers (here’s another good video) and even going to people’s homes, including elected officials like Josh Hawley, Lindsay Graham and even the dumbass mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler. Barely anyone was prosecuted for this. Oh, and don’t forget what they did to Rand Paul. *Thanks to Memeology 101 and his incredible work always compiling these clips*

I understand some think that the entire protest on the 6th of January was one giant riot and insinuate it lasted the entire time, and thousands were involved. It’s a lie. I do believe the people that truly attacked the Capitol were insurrectionists but I don’t believe they were all Trump supporters, because they literally weren’t. There were agitators (One that CNN and NBC paid to get footage from) that helped encourage the riot… Yet there were even Trump supports trying to stop these agitators from breaking inside.

Here’s a video from the same leftist CNN paid (and the prosecution for Trump’s impeachment actually used in their “damning” video) showing people staying within the ropes, simply walking through, and then the leftist himself encourages a smaller group to break down the doors “USE YOUR HELMET!” he says, soon, chanting begins. (Very much a leftist tactic…) Also the police are looking quite calm throughout. There were tons of people in there, but I wonder how much violence would’ve actually occurred past this point if it wasn’t encouraged like it was.

How does this make all Trump supporters, conservatives, or liberty defending Americans, there (or in general) violent insurrectionists, exactly? This is what’s bugging me. They ARE after the right wing and anyone else that wants true liberty. How does this compare to BLM and their attack on DC? They even protested after the riot in DC, demanding it all to be burnt down. That was February 7th… Did you even hear about it? Probably not. Doesn’t this inspire the possibility of leftist agitators starting the riot to begin with? Funny the tactics used to break inside are very similar to the tactics of these leftists and their previous riots, eh?

I’m disgusted. I’m so disgusted. I’ve heard some pretty dumb or sick shit from the media, but that garbage really got to me. I’m sick of the attack of the right and anyone that wants liberty. I don’t want violence, I don’t want war. I wish that wouldn’t have happened on the 6th, as it provided more ammo for the left. It’s sad that people lost their lives for that. Personally, I think it was a false flag. Another attack on the American people from infiltraters in our government. Especially with how much they’re blowing it out of proportion.

I suppose giving any of it attention gives one a sudden stake in the game these days. One can simply post a good tweet, or be an idiot and blame a buzzword then spout bumper sticker slogans, and feel so virtuous. How many times have you now heard “This is a danger to our democracy” at this point? How many times have you heard now about the “Capitol insurrection”? (They’re even comparing it to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, for fuck’s sake.) What about “racism”, “homophobia”, “misogyny”, “transphobia”, etc? Everyone is in the game and everyone is using these plays. Unfortunately, people violently reacted to these things. Unfortunately, we have a violent communist infiltration that is finally showing itself to be exactly what the hell it is. Unfortunately, it’s inspiring the path to civil war.

Even my city and hometown, Jacksonville, had a riot last summer. Violent attacks also happened down in Miami, which isn’t exactly surprising. However, our proper governor, Ron DeSantis- an ex-JAG lawyer and veteran, knew that he had to protect Florida. He quickly made it clear (through this law) that no one would destroy our state. He also made sure that if mobs attacked vehicles with innocent passengers inside, they would be protected when they tried to save their own lives by forcibling moving their attackers. (To make it politically correct…) I’m thankful I have a leader in my state that wanted to protect the innocent and wanted to protect our Republic. It worked, as little violence happened at any protests here in our state. Other states however, they haven’t been so lucky.

I think everyone should listen to this radio show featuring Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin explain how the democrats called it an armed insurrection, yet as far as we know only one shot was fired. And that shot killed an American veteran named Ashli Babbit, coming from Capitol police. The NYT also lied about how a police officer died. It’s a tragedy that 7 people died, (two by suicide) but this isn’t consistent with their claims.

This is a long rant… But I can’t sit by and say nothing. These people are SICK. In the words of their star Greta Thunburg, HOW DARE YOU? And remember, the Capitol is the PEOPLE’S HOUSE. NOT the ivory tower for the American elite.

I could add a million more links to this insanity, but this will do, I’m sure.

Bathed in Blood

America isn’t a peaceful country. I don’t exactly know why this perception has grown into the American consciousness recently, but it truly isn’t a peaceful place. One could argue that some literal places in the country are peaceful – and yes, that’s true – but every place has peaceful elements. I’m more speaking of our spirit.

The American spirit is based in rebellion, not compliance.

I often scroll through YouTube comments to see what people are really thinking – as YouTube comments, believe it or not, are quite the interesting read – and people seem to really vent in these comments. I saw an argument between two guys referring to ANTIFA and what happened at the capitol on January 6th. No matter how one tries to relate the two as literal comparisons, one cannot.

ANTIFA and BLM have indeed terrorized cities and towns across the country for years, but especially in 2020. We all know it, and I cannot compare a leftist infiltrated group of “Trump Supporters” breaking into the Capitol building. I understand that it’s breaking the law but I just don’t have a problem with the people reminding its government – a government that has become tyrannical – that they will not be controlled. They will not be slaves to communism, fascism or any other tyrannical, controlling religions. I do believe the people must protect and preserve their republic and their inaction, comfort, and laziness over the decades has resulted in the loss of our liberties. Now, it’s more likely that violence and war could manifest and this is the unfortunate consequence.

ANTIFA and BLM are both organic and inorganic. The groups themselves built to create perceptions for the elite, but also able to dupe everyday people into believing their groups are there to do good and be virtuous. However there is nothing good or virtuous about riots, burning down small businesses, assault, murder and attempted murder, throwing explosives and human waste at other people, arson and major theft over nine months in cities around the country. It happened like clockwork.

I cannot compare that to the people that went into the Capitol building.

I do, however, believe it was a false flag meant to pacify Trump supporters and conservatives. Maybe even libertarians, anyone with an idea that the government shouldn’t have full power. We all know they would have branded us all domestic terrorists for our opinions alone, now they just made it easier for themselves.

There is proof that many people at the riot were self proclaimed leftists, ANTIFA or BLM directly. John Sullivan being one of them, accompanied by Jade Sacker, a CNN contributor and according to her own website, a “creator” of evidence. She doesn’t find it, she creates it. This is because we’re all living in a movie, a planned reality by the elite and there is a plot to overthrow any thought that doesn’t align with their control.

I cannot say that what happened at the Capitol comes from psychotic Qbies and MAGAs alone. It just wasn’t. There were others there with different stripes, dressed in MAGA attire. Premeditated attacks on both the Capitol and the right. Will they be branded domestic terrorists too, or get a pass for being on the left? They get a pass in the cities, they’ll get a pass now.

If one is a domestic terrorist, the other should be.

ANTIFA and BLM dont just go after a corrupt government, they attack innocent people. They’re subversive and well funded. They have an agenda for the elite, not for the people.

Then I see the right, whom seem spineless now. Many worshiped the man and not the messages. All are pacified and defeated, yet keep repeating “we won’t give up” while in the same breath saying to do nothing but “vote in 2024.” How could one have experienced the last 5 years and still believe in this deformed system that has been built?

The people in this country have become much too comfortable, they willingly live in darkness. The symptoms of our governments – and corporations – insidious corruption and incompetence have begun to blossom. Violence and war is all I see in our future but I hope for no more brother wars. I pray for not yet another time in history in which the people are used, bleed and die for the elite’s games and profit.

I suppose, in the end, America is a land that was born and bathed in blood. To think it wouldn’t end the same way is truly naïve.