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    So there’s many opinions about weaponry you might need for survival.  Most post disaster scenarios have firearms as a must but we should never forget about knives.  Knives are an essential tool to carry while camping, hunting, off gridding, bugging out or just as an EDC.

    My personal EDC knife is housed inside my Leatherman “Supertool”.  In fact the device I carry has two knives, a saw blade, multiple sizes of screwdrivers, a two sided file, a can opener, bottle opener, and needle nose pliers with a wire cutting blade.  They all collapse into its own handle for easy carry.  Perfect form most urban needs you could run into.  A car breakdown, light repair in the field, etc.

    The downside to a small fixed blade, or “Pocketknife” for extended survival is mainly durability.  For this you need to have a large fixed blade knife as part of your gear.

    There are as many of these knives for sale as are bushcraft books showing you how to use a knife for survival.

    I personally own a USMC KA-Bar knife, among others, and for the money you can’t beat it for durability and function.  Whether using it to repel an attacker, chop through small tree limbs or skin wild game, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

    Don’t wait until you need it and don’t have it, go get a large fixed blade knife and learn how to use it.  You’ll thank me later.

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