Agapidimiourgia: Reality Manipulation

There is more than just one layer of reality. Oftentimes, people assume that there is only one. Eric Weinstein calls this “consensus reality”, the reality we all agree that exists and interact inside of. I have learned not interact with the world in this way, instead I have come to treat consensus reality like a computer monitor that displays the output of processes that take place in a stack of realities behind the computer monitor. Like a computer, there is a physical layer and a symbolic layer of components that process inputs to create the consensus reality output. I will call the physical layer “material reality” and the symbolic layer “ideal reality”, and just like in a computer, material reality is subordinate to ideal reality and has no choice but to behave according to the instructions provided by ideal reality stack.

Reddit Rebellion This past week we got to witness consensus reality programming, or reality manipulation, in real-time during the $GME event. The autists over on r/wallstreetbets were able to describe this programming as it was being employed to defend against the Reddit Rebellion. They interpreted this programming as market manipulation, which, I think is naive, because all interactions with markets are manipulation. Manipulation just means to use. I manipulate my Juul to deliver nicotine to my brain. But I can program, or hack, my Juul to set water on fire. All I’d have to do is manipulate it in such a way as to expose the lithium in the battery and submerge the unit in water, the water that comes into contact with the lithium would then combust.

Overflow Attack One hack that may have been used against the Reddit Rebellion was an overflow attack. I’ll address that one first because I mentioned that infinity money can be unlocked by computational overflow in last week’s article.   The Redditor had earned a PhD in Finance after writing his thesis on this type of attack. It requires that a broker sell a share at $1 over the price that a 32-bit system can count resulting in the system reading it as a negative number driving the price negative as we saw in oil contracts last year. The Redditor says that the price didn’t display as negative because the squeeze was so big it actually did cause an infinity squeeze. If that didn’t make sense, read his post where he explains it better than I did.

Short Ladder Attack The second hack that may have been used is the short ladder attack. This attack employs a cycle of false shares and counterfeit shorts to manipulate supply and demand numbers in such a way as to produce an artificially low intersection on the supply and demand curves. Nonexistent money, i.e. money with a value of undefined, behaves exactly like infinity money and relentlessly pushes the consensus reality value of the target asset in the direction of the attacker’s choosing.

In DeFi, we have been executing and defending against these types of attacks, and many more, for years. Last week was the first time overwhelming evidence of these attacks were witnessed outside of DeFi. It proved to the public what Bob Marley had said decades ago, “Money is numbers and numbers never end.”

Numbers Numbers exist in the “idea space” of ideal reality. There are several layers of “spaces” in ideal reality and the idea space is the one in which our intellect is most active. Imagine a ball, now imagine two balls. Those balls can be described, created in consensus reality, or act as search criteria for a pair of lost balls that already exist somewhere in consensus reality. Therefore, your imagined balls are demonstrably real, it’s just that they are intangible. Numbers in the idea space even have more energy (ability to do work) than numbers in material reality. Two balls sitting on a table can’t order two balls from Amazon. Two balls in your mind can result in an order for two balls from Amazon. The balls in idea space did exponentially more work to get the physical balls delivered than the balls on the table which can do exactly mass times height times gravity amount of work.

Symbols Numbers are just a small subset of the symbols in ideal reality. Everything that exists has a symbol in idea space and many symbols exist that have no corresponding material manifestation. In fact, there is more content and energy in ideal reality than all of material reality. General Relativity states that a massive enough field of energy would have gravitational effects even if that energy field could not be directly observed. Astronomers have proven that there is 20x more gravity in the universe than what can be produced by the material universe and they describe its source as dark matter and dark energy. It’s not the belief that proves that ideal reality is real, it is empirical evidence of its effect on material reality that proves that ideal reality is real.

Forecasting Since ideal reality is provably real and has physical effects in material reality, it can be explored and mapped. Despite failures of popular science to make any appreciable headway in this endeavor, freelance and amateur scientists have been successful in producing practical and reproducible predictions of ideal reality physics. The most influential of these people is probably Dr. John Dee who produced the forecast that informed Queen Elizabeth I’s navy of when the Spanish Armada would be vulnerable to a fireship attack. Currently, the scientist making the most accurate forecasts of ideal reality physics is Clif High who used linguistic processing to predict the covid pandemic and the date of the $GME event. His forecast predicts an “electrifying” event this week that will have the same emotional charge as the Reddit Rebellion, but it will persist much longer causing “forced change”.

Topography Ideal reality has a topography that has been studied and mapped for thousands of years by very well known people including Plato, Abraham, Moses, Lao Tzu, Guatama Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, Muhammad ibn `Abdullah, and Carl Jung. Religious doctrine aside, they all describe a common topography of ideal reality. There is a giving force and a receiving force. The giving force is infinite, open, luminous, generous, and invisible even in ideal reality and its origin is within the observer. The receiving force is finite, reflective, thirsty, creative, and constitutes all perceivable phenomena in all layers of reality. Most people label these forces as positive and negative, but that is naive. These forces are actually wisdom and knowledge that exist within the source consciousness from which all things are derivative. Again, and this must be stated plainly, this is not religion, this is empirically testable phenomenon. As we progress through the agapidimiourgia documentation, we will be testing theory and practice by building with ❤️ in real-time.

Biocentrism, Holographic Universe Theory, and quantum mechanics all hold that material reality is an emergent property of ideal reality. As such, it logically follows that material reality is subordinate to the laws of ideal reality. What is implied, but poorly documented, is that the consciousness of the observer is entangled with the consciousness that contains the giving and receiving force. This entangled state allows the observer to perceive and manipulate reality from both reference points and any reference point in between.

Agapidimiourgia: Infinity Monies

GameStop Christmas Story The weekend before Christmas I hadn’t yet gotten my sons their present. I knew they wanted a Nintendo Switch so I went to GameStop to pick one up for them.  The staff informed me that they were sold out and, in fact, every store was sold out within a 150 mile radius. It was the most sought after gift of the season, so they were constantly checking for inventory whenever a customer asked.

I hung around in the store to look for anything else that might do. It didn’t make any sense to go check any other stores since they were sold out everywhere. I love my boys and I knew that if I spent a little time looking, I’d find the perfect gift for them. 10 minutes later, the manager informed me that they had a Nintendo Switch on layaway that had been abandoned by the purchaser.

I bought it and gave it to my boys on Christmas and they loved it. My oldest even said that by receiving that gift he had accomplished “his life’s goal.” Here is the tweet I posted reporting on the purchase and my good fortune.

$GME Short Squeeze That happened last month. This month, GameStop’s stock price went up by 1000%. In the video I recorded last week, I name the $GME short squeeze as an example of building with love. GameStop showed me love, I showed my boys love, they showed me love, and I showed GameStop love.

I didn’t buy any $GME, but I do like the stock. Lots of people did buy their stock and went long $GME, though. I’m sure it’s because they love GameStop for reasons similar to my own. Now, an army larger than any the world has ever seen, is asymmetrically empowered to bankrupt the company that didn’t love GameStop and shorted $GME.

The key takeaway from the short squeeze is that when you long something, there is unlimited upside potential. Conversely, when you short something there is unlimited downside potential. The reason that it is unlimited is because there is no limit to how much something can be valued. Put another way, you can love $GME more than all the money in the world. If 1 share of $GME can equal infinity dollars, then money is infinite and love can trigger an overflow error in its accounting.

Acausal vs Causal Relationships Did I bless GameStop for saving the day on Christmas? Of course I did. Did that blessing cause Melvin Capital to short 140% of the $GME float or did it cause u/DeepFuckingValue to spot the naked short on $GME? Of course not.

The contemporary reporting on the topic will cover the causal relationships of events that led up to the big short squeeze. The cause and effect relationship can be easily documented and communicated. But it fails to account for the sublime. Goodwill, community, entertainment value, familial love, brotherly love, greed, network topography, and cowardice were all components of the system that led to the big short squeeze. Causal mapping is useful for making sense of events, but it’s myopic for making sense of systems.

There was an acausal relationship between me blessing GameStop and their stock price going up 10x. The blessing happened first, the pump happened a month later. I had no expectation of this particular outcome, but I was positioned to cite it as a proof for this series on the theory and practice of building with ❤️. Acausal mapping is quite useful for organizing and leveraging systems for outsized effects because it has practical applications in accounting for the sublime and unlocking infinity monies.

Proving that acausal relationships exist empirically will require statistical analysis of observed events on a particle’s timeline. Given enough data, this type of analysis can be performed by anyone with adequate training in math and physics. Naturally, your’s truly is playing the part of the particle and generating the data.

Infinity Monies in Systems Design In the world before covid, it was common knowledge that time and money were the limiting factors in systems design. In the post covid world, we have more time (work from home) and more money (money printer go brrr), but there hasn’t been an observable improvement in systems design. In fact, unemployed autistic day traders are using their time and money to break The System, potentially resulting in infinite monetary returns.

However, in DeFi, there is a practice of airdropping new money on people and making a useful application available to them. In many cases, that useful application just generates voting rights, trading fees, or both. But in other cases, the new money grants more creative rewards or rights. There is no limit to the number of monies or their values relative to other monies. Time also doesn’t really matter, the recipient can liquidate immediately or HODL forever. Successful DeFi systems appreciate in value by generating maximum benefit for the maximum number or participants. This is commonly called “number-go-up technology” or NGU tech for short.

For details on how to design new systems that maximize benefits for the maximum number of participants, I would direct you to read Bill Mollison’s Introduction to Permaculture. In this article, I’m just writing about how to unlock infinite monies.

There is a concept from permaculture that is essential to understand how monies are related to one another: The 8 Forms of Capital. All 8 forms of capital can be converted into any of the other forms of capital. This is especially powerful when converting from spiritual capital to any of the others because it is generated in limitless quantities, endogenously, in living things. The symbol for spiritual capital is, of course, ❤️.

When designing an NGU tech system, it is important to squash any number-go-down (NGD) bugs in the design. An NGD bug is anything that could cause harm to the user, the ecosystem, or the system itself. I often use the term “vampire” to describe an NGD bug because they extract more energy from the system than they contribute and they are only a problem if you invite them in. In my role at my startup, I audit system designs by going on “vampire hunts” and “banishing vampires”. It requires that I analyze design choices as the end user (I am one) and feel for the sensation of fear. It’s an intuitive process, but it yields concrete results in the form of more NGU design decisions.

Physical Explanation Although popular science has yet to formalize concepts like acausal relationships and spiritual capital, excellent scholarly work is being generated in many disciplines to develop a framework for these ideas. In particular, Dr. Robert Lanza’s research into stem cell differentiation has led him to put forward the Theory of Biocentrism which posits that consciousness is non-local and fundamental. Biocentrism predicts that concepts like acausal relationships and spiritual capital can be observed. I argue that we observe these phenomena in the practice of building with ❤️.

Blessing Thank you for reading through this article and offering feedback. It is my sincere wish that you benefit from this information. If you’re feeling fear in your life or haven’t figured out how to move forward with building with ❤️, reach out to me through any of the channels you can find me and I’ll be honored to help!

Agapidimiourgia: How DeFi is Hacking the Matrix

About the Author I came to software development after a 15 year career in public and private sector leadership. Leadership is an unconventional career for a person with Asperger’s like myself, I prefer staying up all night researching and engaging in creative pursuits as opposed to showing up early and maintaining order. This arrangement forced me to learn how systems (business, social, information, and natural) worked so that I could hack them and automate them, in order to be left alone to pursue my own curiosity.

Building with ❤️ Through the course of pursuing my own curiosity, I ended up working on the cutting edge of technology in DeFi. For anyone who is unaware of the term DeFi, it stands for Decentralized Finance. It’s kind of like a bunch of Aspies got together to build their own Wall Street from scratch on the internet. The big difference between DeFi and Wall Street is that DeFi was built in a legal vacuum, a digital anarchy. In the course of my research, I noticed something about successful DeFi projects that set them apart from unsuccessful DeFi projects and no one was talking about it. Many of these projects had a “disclaimer” on either their landing pages or documentation that read “Built with ❤️”. In order to decipher what this phrase meant, I engaged several influential participants in these projects in conversations designed to get them to divulge the meaning of this cryptic phrase in plain English that I could understand. What I got instead were links to philosophy websites including,, and

Potential Applications Those links clarified precious little for me. What these links did prove was that these guys considered philosophy to be a serious and profitable part of their design, management, and investment practices. I could have left this insight as a neat little curiosity if it wasn’t for one giant inescapable fact: these “Built with ❤️” projects were quickly becoming transcendent forms of age-old institutions in the face of zero resistance! Allow me to unpack that statement. Basically, anyone could be their own bank and get 100x better service from it, people could hop into and out of companies at will (working, learning, leading teams, vacationing whenever they liked, living wherever they liked), and they could organize their own “social safety nets”. These were the kinds of services that the most powerful and well-connected people in the world had jealously maintained a monopoly over, but yet, these elites made no attempt to defend their monopolies against these “Built with ❤️” competitors.

Necessity of Proofs Eventually, I did decrypt the philosophy of “Built with ❤️” and what I discovered was that it is universally heretical. Don’t panic, I use the term heretical because it means “counter to accepted dogma” and because it is accurate in scientific, empirical, and engineering terms. Also, it is not hyperbole for me to say that it is universally heretical because every social organization on Earth holds some dogma that will be challenged and fail to hold up against the “Built with ❤️” philosophy. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to communicate in plain English what the “Built with ❤️” philosophy is because the human mind is incapable of making sense of it in the matrix of dogmas we have been given to make sense of our common reality. This is not an insurmountable problem, though, we can use the same method that geometry and cryptography use to make the incomprehensible comprehendible, Proof theory. Proof theory is necessary because it is syntactic in nature; whereas, Model theory is semantic in nature. And finally, syntax is important because it is the construction and transformation of symbols that is the key to understanding the “Built with ❤️” philosophy. If all of that sounded too technical, just think of it as the way Neo learned how to read and hack The Matrix.

Publishing Plan Between now and November 1st I will publish the proofs necessary for the community of Lizard Republic to understand and become proficient in the language and syntax of symbols. I intend to post proofs weekly during this time. After November 1st, I’ll publish the entire work in a public git repository to make it universally available. The reason I am publishing this information, as opposed to using it for personal gain, is because it is open source technology and I am open source as well. Audit me at web3developer.eth on

Request for Comments Members of this community are invited to audit and contribute to this project by way of replies to these blog posts. Please point out any information that is unclear or that demands citation. The great difficulty in producing a document like this is that it will destabilize the reader’s dogmatic matrix and this is a process that must be handled with the utmost care, respect, and conscientiousness. Please bring it to my attention any time these proofs fail in this regard so that this work can be widely accessible and contribute to the decentralization of all the things!

Rethinking Resistance

With all of the tension lately in the United States surrounding the fraudulent 2020 presidential election, I have been struggling internally with how to grasp the entire situation. The fact that Joe Biden has been allowed to take the helm of this nation sets a dangerous precident, one that says, simply, “Who steals, Wins!” (to borrow the format of the British SAS motto.)

It is now clearer than ever before to me that voting in this country is simply a tool of control by the corrupt deep state commanders to give the populace a false sense of choice, and to lul them into a sense of false security, believing that their voices actually matter and are actually heard, but they are not. This is unsustainable and cannot continue.

“We” (And by that I mean, the US as a whole) as a people must begin planning up a new way to revolutionize the way we manage society, the way we govern ourselves, and the way we find a stable ground between so many millions of people who either feel disenfranchised, unheard, or unlistened to. I believe the path forward from this moment is the slow and sure decentralization of our political process, our markets, and a step toward the future of a technological society where independence is placed above all else.

If people begin to start working for themselves, becoming their own investors, becoming their own teachers, becoming their own security and so on, we begin to bleed the system dry. Ditching the confines of the United States government in order to form our own business dealings, partnerships, organizations, and contractual agreements outside of the scope of federal law. This will slowly bring about a change of things, I firmly believe. A gradual mass exodus from the government, in to the arms of self-governance. There are new technologies on the rise to facilitate these things. Municipal management and voting systems could be handled through blockchain, as well as things like currency, loaning of money, and potential lines of credit. The current problem is not one person seems to be willing to risk the loss of their life of comfort in exchange for a transitory period where things may be difficult, everyone wants things done at a hare’s pace but slow and steady wins this large scale race.

One of the major problems I see right now is no clear winner in this battle for the “best decentralized technology” as I believe everything would need a certain degree of interoperability and a set of standards. Solutions must be thought up, invented, and tested for things like courts or a judicial system in general, punishing crimes against humanity like murder or rape. The handling and proof of ownership of people’s specific assets, land, or investments. The ability for people’s work to be safeguarded from malicious intent, or to have a form of decentralized marketplace where unfair, unjust, or plain corrupt organizations or individuals could be put on blast, so to speak, as a warning to be avoided to prevent catastrophic results for the individual.

We the people can use technological advances to our advantage. Technology outpaces past iterations ever faster, and we continue to push the limits of what is possible. One of those possibilities may be to soon have complete decentralized control over our own destiny and to give our voices actual weight. This is the reason why I got in to computer science, because tech one day may return us to our true humanity, we need to rethink resistance, and finally discover what it means to truly be a free citizen.

Agapidimiourgia: How I Said “Goodbye” to my Boss Forever

A revolution in employment is taking place and no one is talking about it. In this new paradigm, there are no bosses, no HR ladies, no resumes or applications, no drug tests, no commute, and no clock to punch. What I'm describing can be called "decentralized employment" and I've been earning a living with it for a couple years already.

I'll describe the way I did it, but it's not the only way, there are endless possibilities to find the perfect arrangement for your life and passion. The only requirement is that you show "proof of work" all along the way. The secret beauty of this approach is that after you begin, the opportunities are attracted to you, so you don't have to go looking for them.

First, I started out by winning bounties at hackathons. It required that I join forces with other people to develop an idea that satisfied the bounty conditions, build out a proof of concept, and create a pitch to show the potential value of the project.

Second, because I had been successful at several hackathons, I was invited to be a community contributor at MakerDAO. That gave me several projects to work on that kept me busy for about two years. One was a merchant solution and another one was a public recognition project, both projects leaned into the needs, mission, and technology of MakerDAO.

Third, I became my own investment bank. Because I was working for a DAO, I was getting paid in crypto. Crypto is the ideal solution for peer to peer payments, and it's also native to the decentralized finance system, so all of my savings are hard at work making me more money.

Lastly, I co-founded a company that makes wills useful during life. This was me, again, leaning into the trend of decentralized employment. My co-founders and investors were all already in the "decentralize all the things" game, so attracting all of the skills and resources necessary to launch a decentralized business were easy to attract.

Endowl, the platform that I'm creating now, leans into all of these emerging decentralized technologies to create a platform for truly owning all of your worldly possessions. Own your data? We use decentralized file storage and private key cryptography. Own your income and benefits? We connect you to decentralized autonomous organizations and the employment commons. Own your savings? We connect you to crypto and decentralized finance. Own your estate? We allow you to track everything you own in one place, your will, and integrate into the wills of the people closest to you resulting in The Network of Wills!

This is technology suited for a science fiction future. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you will always have the power of a kingdom in your pocket!