Collard Greens for the President

Richard and I have just recently gotten into gardening and it’s really way more fun and rewarding than I ever knew. I decided to grow a collard green for Nax to eat and it’s just so fun to watch it grow.

Im going to use this blog to document its growth. Idk why but I really love this plant.

March 19 2021

A few days after planting, we’ve got a happy sprout.

March 30 2021

Around 2 weeks later, we’ve got some awesome progress. This collard green wanted to live. (lol) also, we’ve got the seed I put in just in case one didn’t take deciding to live, too!

March 31 2021

See that little leaf in the middle? Watch that thing grow. Check out April 12 to see

April 8 2021

It grew significantly but did get washed out from a bad storm so he looked a bit wiped out.

April 12 2021

Check out that little leaf! Very happy to live and already being followed but another little happy leaf.

April 14 2021

Much growth 🙏🏻

Hello from Maddy

So the website has been extremely bare lately, sorry for the lack of content here. We’ve been really focused on making content for the channels so I’m going to post it.

We are making short little videos with a few news events or things we find interesting/important. I hope you’ll check them out, I’ll post them below!

We’re also still streaming about every night around 10 to 11pm EST.

I’m gonna be posting some things here soon and actually using my own fucking forum, lol

Thanks everyone! -Maddy

Forum for updates now online

Hello Lizardians!

I wanted to make the blog more like an actual blog, so I’m moving our updates and new video links to a forum strictly for that.

We have a lot of awesome people that want to write for us and share their opinions and I don’t want to crowd the blog up with updates.

This post and the previous posts will stay, but the rest will be on the forum.

I also wanted to thank our amazing friend King of the Bees for his awesome article he wrote. Please check it out! He’s got some amazing advice for those wishing to be more free and in control of their own lives.

Thank you and I’ll see you on the forum!