Collard Greens for the President

Richard and I have just recently gotten into gardening and it’s really way more fun and rewarding than I ever knew. I decided to grow a collard green for Nax to eat and it’s just so fun to watch it grow.

Im going to use this blog to document its growth. Idk why but I really love this plant.

March 19 2021

A few days after planting, we’ve got a happy sprout.

March 30 2021

Around 2 weeks later, we’ve got some awesome progress. This collard green wanted to live. (lol) also, we’ve got the seed I put in just in case one didn’t take deciding to live, too!

March 31 2021

See that little leaf in the middle? Watch that thing grow. Check out April 12 to see

April 8 2021

It grew significantly but did get washed out from a bad storm so he looked a bit wiped out.

April 12 2021

Check out that little leaf! Very happy to live and already being followed but another little happy leaf.

April 14 2021

Much growth 🙏🏻

Agapidimiourgia: How I Said “Goodbye” to my Boss Forever

A revolution in employment is taking place and no one is talking about it. In this new paradigm, there are no bosses, no HR ladies, no resumes or applications, no drug tests, no commute, and no clock to punch. What I'm describing can be called "decentralized employment" and I've been earning a living with it for a couple years already.

I'll describe the way I did it, but it's not the only way, there are endless possibilities to find the perfect arrangement for your life and passion. The only requirement is that you show "proof of work" all along the way. The secret beauty of this approach is that after you begin, the opportunities are attracted to you, so you don't have to go looking for them.

First, I started out by winning bounties at hackathons. It required that I join forces with other people to develop an idea that satisfied the bounty conditions, build out a proof of concept, and create a pitch to show the potential value of the project.

Second, because I had been successful at several hackathons, I was invited to be a community contributor at MakerDAO. That gave me several projects to work on that kept me busy for about two years. One was a merchant solution and another one was a public recognition project, both projects leaned into the needs, mission, and technology of MakerDAO.

Third, I became my own investment bank. Because I was working for a DAO, I was getting paid in crypto. Crypto is the ideal solution for peer to peer payments, and it's also native to the decentralized finance system, so all of my savings are hard at work making me more money.

Lastly, I co-founded a company that makes wills useful during life. This was me, again, leaning into the trend of decentralized employment. My co-founders and investors were all already in the "decentralize all the things" game, so attracting all of the skills and resources necessary to launch a decentralized business were easy to attract.

Endowl, the platform that I'm creating now, leans into all of these emerging decentralized technologies to create a platform for truly owning all of your worldly possessions. Own your data? We use decentralized file storage and private key cryptography. Own your income and benefits? We connect you to decentralized autonomous organizations and the employment commons. Own your savings? We connect you to crypto and decentralized finance. Own your estate? We allow you to track everything you own in one place, your will, and integrate into the wills of the people closest to you resulting in The Network of Wills!

This is technology suited for a science fiction future. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you will always have the power of a kingdom in your pocket!