Its Up To Us Now

Today was the day that Joe Biden became president of the United States… which truly means it is now owned by the Chinese Communist Party. This means our country is headed directly toward a path of communist control.

If you look at the policies he plans to enact, you will already see what road we are going down. His policies are, at best, ridiculous and at worst, direct attacks on the American spirit.

He’s already, on his first day, enjoyed the executive orders. Many of which just completely destroy everything Trump did during his presidency. People are acting like Trump was able to block Biden’s moves, but Biden and the deep state will find a way around those things.

Relating to this, yesterday Trump gave his “farewell” speech in which he bullshitted for twenty minutes about how great he did during his presidency. Uh, that’s great and all, but he thus allowed a man (clearly working with the deep state) whom plans to undo everything Trump did to steal the country through a fraudulent election. Trump had many options in his magic hat and barely used any of them. Did he even really try to stop the democrats? Looking back now, I don’t think he really did. Now I know why I could never fully trust the man to be some sort of savior.

Trump said he’d fight for this country, Trump said he wouldn’t abandon the republic, and he did it anyway. I have always been suspect of Trump and his motives, but I was happy for the initiative he was inspiring in people… at least, what I thought was initiative. Now I realize that it wasn’t about America, it was about Trump.

A lot of people would tell me to “keep the faith” but they aren’t telling me to keep the faith in general, or in the country. They’re telling me to keep the faith in Trump. How exactly could I do that now?

How could I have faith that the traditional values of liberty could possibly survive when the democrats (communists) have the presidency, the senate, and the house? All of which Trump could’ve, in my opinion, stopped with the evidence he had against these demons.

I guess I am naïve and believed the spirit of America had awakened in the American people. However, I cannot shake the feeling that the materialistic comforts we enjoy here are too much to lose. I don’t want this America.

I don’t want another brother war. I don’t want another generation of men and women dying so that the elite can profit and take their place above us. I pray for a peaceful divorce, as coexisting with communists is impossible if one wants to live in freedom. However I am genuinely concerned that over the years, and the continued corruption that will only grow and grow, it will end up brother against brother yet again.

It’s up to us, those whom desire liberty, to save our Republic. Those whom truly care about the principles, those whom truly desire a world of actual peace.

We will never reach peace through war, I am aware of this fact. All that’s in our future now with the path we’ve been lead down is either a civil war or a world War.

I hope for neither, but I suggest everyone prepares for the future.

Biden isn’t the problem directly as much as what he represents and that’s why ANTIFA is protesting him specifically. Biden represents the death of the image of America we grew up with.

So it’s up to us now.

Forum for updates now online

Hello Lizardians!

I wanted to make the blog more like an actual blog, so I’m moving our updates and new video links to a forum strictly for that.

We have a lot of awesome people that want to write for us and share their opinions and I don’t want to crowd the blog up with updates.

This post and the previous posts will stay, but the rest will be on the forum.

I also wanted to thank our amazing friend King of the Bees for his awesome article he wrote. Please check it out! He’s got some amazing advice for those wishing to be more free and in control of their own lives.

Thank you and I’ll see you on the forum!

Agapidimiourgia: How I Said “Goodbye” to my Boss Forever

A revolution in employment is taking place and no one is talking about it. In this new paradigm, there are no bosses, no HR ladies, no resumes or applications, no drug tests, no commute, and no clock to punch. What I'm describing can be called "decentralized employment" and I've been earning a living with it for a couple years already.

I'll describe the way I did it, but it's not the only way, there are endless possibilities to find the perfect arrangement for your life and passion. The only requirement is that you show "proof of work" all along the way. The secret beauty of this approach is that after you begin, the opportunities are attracted to you, so you don't have to go looking for them.

First, I started out by winning bounties at hackathons. It required that I join forces with other people to develop an idea that satisfied the bounty conditions, build out a proof of concept, and create a pitch to show the potential value of the project.

Second, because I had been successful at several hackathons, I was invited to be a community contributor at MakerDAO. That gave me several projects to work on that kept me busy for about two years. One was a merchant solution and another one was a public recognition project, both projects leaned into the needs, mission, and technology of MakerDAO.

Third, I became my own investment bank. Because I was working for a DAO, I was getting paid in crypto. Crypto is the ideal solution for peer to peer payments, and it's also native to the decentralized finance system, so all of my savings are hard at work making me more money.

Lastly, I co-founded a company that makes wills useful during life. This was me, again, leaning into the trend of decentralized employment. My co-founders and investors were all already in the "decentralize all the things" game, so attracting all of the skills and resources necessary to launch a decentralized business were easy to attract.

Endowl, the platform that I'm creating now, leans into all of these emerging decentralized technologies to create a platform for truly owning all of your worldly possessions. Own your data? We use decentralized file storage and private key cryptography. Own your income and benefits? We connect you to decentralized autonomous organizations and the employment commons. Own your savings? We connect you to crypto and decentralized finance. Own your estate? We allow you to track everything you own in one place, your will, and integrate into the wills of the people closest to you resulting in The Network of Wills!

This is technology suited for a science fiction future. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you will always have the power of a kingdom in your pocket!

Site Update: 1/17/2021

Hey all, Sanjuro (Richard) here. I wanted to inform anyone who is subscribed that I believe I have fixed the issue with logging in to the site. Now WordPress accounts and LIZREP accounts are separated. You should be able to now login to your account, post on the forums, edit your social profile amongst other things. Please give it a shot and reach out to us at if there is any issues! We’re working to get the site fully up and running and would appreciate any notice about bugs or issues you may be having. Thanks, and have a great week!

LIZREP Update 1/14/21

Hello everyone! It’s Maddy and I wanted to give a few updates on the videos and the website.

First, we seriously appreciate the amount of interaction and views we’ve already received… We definitely didn’t expect it and it’s exactly what we were hoping for. We hope you’re all enjoying them, and soon we’ll have some people join us for livestreams and do even more with the streams/videos. We’re also trying to get on a set schedule with the streams and find more events to go to… With all of the insanity over “protests” lately, we’re not sure exactly which to go to. When we find one, we’ll let everyone know! We also set up a Gab account, and considering Parler got nuked right as we get started, Gab and Instagram are all we currently have for social media.

The videos are being transferred to Bitchute and Odysee just in case we’re removed from YT, so we’ll post links for those when it’s all backed up. Of course, with the upcoming administration (which I still personally question the validity of… Like most others lol) we’re concerned about the topics we discuss, and our opinions on them, simply not being allowed. This is exactly why we’re doing this, because the assault on free speech is an ever recurring problem for those whom desire liberty. Who knows whatll happen to it even if Trump were to stay the president, it probably will still be heavily attacked… But regardless, we are backing up the videos. Thanks to Charlie for reminding us to do that!

Onto the website… It’s in its early stages but I have so many ideas on what to do here. It frustrates me to use WordPress to create this, as it’s not exactly on par with my views with Big Tech… But we need places to be communities and there’s not much choice for new communities starting out. Use their power against them, no? I’m hoping this can be a place for social interaction and fun, but also true discussion and desire to find solutions to the problems we face as lovers of liberty. As time has gone on, the idea of our freedom being stripped away has seemed like some joke, as if it’d never actually happen… But we now all know it’s not a joke… And definitely not funny if it ever was. We have to find a way, together, with our minds and spirits, to take back what is ours: (in my opinion, given to us by a creator) our liberty. Many other people have started up new communities at this time, and we hope to be one that invites truly serious people interested in cultivating the stand against tyranny.

We are indeed going to set up a forum for everyone to chat and post memes and have fun, so that’ll be very soon. That’s the next big project for us and it’s important we get that community going.

If you’re interested (unfortunately, as a volunteer for now) in writing blogs for this website and getting your feelings heard without your speech being oppressed, please send us an email!

Thanks again everyone, and I’m looking so forward to what this might become. We don’t want LIZREP to be Maddy and Rick’s, we want it to be all of OURS. We hope everyone is doing very well and we’ll see you in the next stream!