Agapidimiourgia: How DeFi is Hacking the Matrix

About the Author I came to software development after a 15 year career in public and private sector leadership. Leadership is an unconventional career for a person with Asperger’s like myself, I prefer staying up all night researching and engaging in creative pursuits as opposed to showing up early and maintaining order. This arrangement forced me to learn how systems (business, social, information, and natural) worked so that I could hack them and automate them, in order to be left alone to pursue my own curiosity.

Building with ❤️ Through the course of pursuing my own curiosity, I ended up working on the cutting edge of technology in DeFi. For anyone who is unaware of the term DeFi, it stands for Decentralized Finance. It’s kind of like a bunch of Aspies got together to build their own Wall Street from scratch on the internet. The big difference between DeFi and Wall Street is that DeFi was built in a legal vacuum, a digital anarchy. In the course of my research, I noticed something about successful DeFi projects that set them apart from unsuccessful DeFi projects and no one was talking about it. Many of these projects had a “disclaimer” on either their landing pages or documentation that read “Built with ❤️”. In order to decipher what this phrase meant, I engaged several influential participants in these projects in conversations designed to get them to divulge the meaning of this cryptic phrase in plain English that I could understand. What I got instead were links to philosophy websites including,, and

Potential Applications Those links clarified precious little for me. What these links did prove was that these guys considered philosophy to be a serious and profitable part of their design, management, and investment practices. I could have left this insight as a neat little curiosity if it wasn’t for one giant inescapable fact: these “Built with ❤️” projects were quickly becoming transcendent forms of age-old institutions in the face of zero resistance! Allow me to unpack that statement. Basically, anyone could be their own bank and get 100x better service from it, people could hop into and out of companies at will (working, learning, leading teams, vacationing whenever they liked, living wherever they liked), and they could organize their own “social safety nets”. These were the kinds of services that the most powerful and well-connected people in the world had jealously maintained a monopoly over, but yet, these elites made no attempt to defend their monopolies against these “Built with ❤️” competitors.

Necessity of Proofs Eventually, I did decrypt the philosophy of “Built with ❤️” and what I discovered was that it is universally heretical. Don’t panic, I use the term heretical because it means “counter to accepted dogma” and because it is accurate in scientific, empirical, and engineering terms. Also, it is not hyperbole for me to say that it is universally heretical because every social organization on Earth holds some dogma that will be challenged and fail to hold up against the “Built with ❤️” philosophy. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to communicate in plain English what the “Built with ❤️” philosophy is because the human mind is incapable of making sense of it in the matrix of dogmas we have been given to make sense of our common reality. This is not an insurmountable problem, though, we can use the same method that geometry and cryptography use to make the incomprehensible comprehendible, Proof theory. Proof theory is necessary because it is syntactic in nature; whereas, Model theory is semantic in nature. And finally, syntax is important because it is the construction and transformation of symbols that is the key to understanding the “Built with ❤️” philosophy. If all of that sounded too technical, just think of it as the way Neo learned how to read and hack The Matrix.

Publishing Plan Between now and November 1st I will publish the proofs necessary for the community of Lizard Republic to understand and become proficient in the language and syntax of symbols. I intend to post proofs weekly during this time. After November 1st, I’ll publish the entire work in a public git repository to make it universally available. The reason I am publishing this information, as opposed to using it for personal gain, is because it is open source technology and I am open source as well. Audit me at web3developer.eth on

Request for Comments Members of this community are invited to audit and contribute to this project by way of replies to these blog posts. Please point out any information that is unclear or that demands citation. The great difficulty in producing a document like this is that it will destabilize the reader’s dogmatic matrix and this is a process that must be handled with the utmost care, respect, and conscientiousness. Please bring it to my attention any time these proofs fail in this regard so that this work can be widely accessible and contribute to the decentralization of all the things!